Books recomeded by martesorex

I introduce about books of wildlife of Japan domestic published. If you click thumbnails, it moves you to Amazon Japan which can show by English.

The Wild Mammals of Japan
The Wild Mammals of Japan
This book is only book for introduce of wild mammals living in Japan written by English.
Descriptions for each species include basic information such as red list status, distribution, fossil record, morphology, dental and mammal formulae, genetics, reproduction, lifespan, diet, habitat, home range, behavior, natural enemies and parasites. Taxonomic issues, relationship with humans, and other matters are documented in the remarks section if needed.
Additionally, some of my photos adopted in this book.

Illustrated skulls of Japanese mammals
This book introduce illustration of terrestrial mammals in Japan. I use this book for identifying species of skull dropped in field.

Zoo of small bones
小さな骨の動物園 (INAX booklet)
This book introduces photos of skeletal preparations of vertebrates.

550 species of Japanese Birds (Land Birds)
日本の鳥550 山野の鳥 増補改訂版 (ネイチャーガイド)

The most useful photo bird guide in Japan.
Many identifiable photos are published.
It is a set of two books, this is part of land birds.

550 species of Japanese Birds (Water Birds)
日本の鳥550 水辺の鳥 増補改訂版 (ネイチャーガイド)

The most useful photo bird guide in Japan.
Many identifiable photos are published.
It is a set of two books, this is part of water birds.

The Wild Birds in Hokkaido
北海道野鳥図鑑 (Alice field library)
Hokkaido is one of the most remarkable birding place in Japan because many popular birds in the world lives in Hokkaido for example Blakiston's Fish Owl, Steller' Sea Eagle, and Japanese Crane. This book contains many beautiful photo of them and identifiable illustrates as supplemental.

Birds in Amami
Amami island is located in southern area of Japan. There are three endemic birds in this island; Amami Jay, Amami Thrush, and Amami Woodcock.

The Feathers of Japanese Birds in Full Scale
原寸大写真図鑑 羽
Many photos of feathers contain in this book by full scale. It is not only useful for identification of dropping feather in the field  but appreciating beautiful photos.

The songs & calls of 420 Birds of Japan
CD Books 日本野鳥大鑑―鳴き声420
This is a guide book of song and calls of birds. It contain 6 CDs.
I put iPod on this CDs, itunes automatically appear in the title (species name) in English.

鳥の骨探 (BONE DESIGN SERIES)bone design series
It contains many photos of birds' skeletal preparations.

An illustrated book of the birds morphology
鳥の形態図鑑 (細密画シリーズ)
Saved accident and sickness birds were illustrated.
This book contains many fine illustrations for example bill, leg, and wing. Each region is described actual measurement.

A Photographic Guide; Amphibians and Reptiles in Japan
It is only photo guide to introduce all amphibians reptiles in Japan.

Hawking in Dewa
出羽ノ鷹狩 Hawking in Dewa [DVD]
This is a DVD, documentary of falconer using Mountain Hawk Eagle.